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  2. Converting Between Moles and Mass I
  3. Calculate mass of a sample with same number of atoms as a second sample
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Videos which use Avogadro's Number

  1. Calculating a value for the Avogadro Constant
  2. An illustration of the size of Avogadro's Number
  3. Given 14.05 g of SO2, how many molecules is this?
  4. Given 4.91 x 1022 formula units of CuSO4, how many grams is this?
  5. What is the mass, in milligrams, of 19 atoms of nickel?
  6. How many total atoms are in 27.2 g of SF6?
  7. How many oygen atoms in 4.64 x 10-3 mol of Al(NO3)3?
  8. How many atoms of hydrogen are in 100 g of methane?
  9. Determine number of atoms using volume and density
  10. Using Avogadro's Number coupled with the Ideal Gas law


  1. Some on-line molecular weight calculators:


  1. Some Avogadro Number Analogies
  2. Origin of the word "mole"